“On time, on budget, top workmanship and dedicated craftsmen who become like family by the time the renovation is done”

A home can mean many different things. A sanctuary where you retreat and recharge. A place that hums with children, friends and family. A mirror that reflects your hopes and dreams, your passion and spirit.

A Master renovator has the power to shape your surroundings so that they enhance your lives. At Robinson Group Fine Renovation, we have made it our mission since 1979 to offer our clients only the highest quality design and work. In an environment in which attention to quality and detail are often overlooked, we know that our insistence on excellence sets us apart.

We feel privileged to have been invited into many fine homes to transform and create superlative living spaces, even more privileged to have earned so many referrals from satisfied clients. After more than three decades, a Robinson Group renovation has become synonymous with quality.

In Our Clients Words:

  • "Because of their expertise in the design area, The Robinson Group was able to catch all of the little flaws by our designers and correct them. This happened at all levels, even the construction crew brought brilliant suggestions to the table. They were unstinting in their attention to detail because it was as important to them as it was to me that the final product look perfect!".
    Liberty Village
  • "As you promised, the job was on time and on budget. The workmanship was superb. Most surprising, because you were able to convert our small second floor bedroom into a working kitchen with running water, sink, refrigerator, microwave, etc., we were not seriously inconvenienced even during the three-month period in which your did the renovation".
  • "A big 'Thank You' to all the team for the work on our renovation which you managed to complete on time and budget in spite of the inevitable surprises found in any major job. Having heard the war stories of other renovations, we have been very pleased with the professionalism, dedication and workmanship of the Robinson Group and all your subcontractors. Everything was done at a very high standard".
    Lorne Park, Missisauga
  • "Since the completion of the renovation we have spoken to many others who considered using The Robinson Group and in all of those discussions, we uses phrases such as "on-time, on budget, top workmanship and a team of dedicated craftsman who become like family by the time the renovation is done". We are thrilled with the work done and the excellent relationship through the renovation process".
    Moore Park
  • "We approached the complete renovation and addition to a our home with some apprehension. However, those concerns quickly evaporated once we began dealing with The Robinson Group. We spent the better part of a year planning the renovation and throughout that time, as you worked with us and our architect, you provided an essential balance of experience, detailed knowledge and practicality advising on each decisions without having to wait for the advice of a builder, Having you by our side throughout the planning stage was a significant advantage".
    Moore Park
  • "Now that we have completed our second project, I am writing to thank you for the exceptional level of service and workmanship that we have received from The Robinson Group over the past five years. During the course of two substantial renovations, we have never ceased to be impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail in every aspect of your work. Without exception, the members of your team are professional and courteous, always willing to do the extra work to achieve the best result".
  • "We have now lived with our new extension for several months and want to take this opportunity to express our immense pleasure with the job your company did for us. Thanks to your sound advice, the size is just perfect for us and we are especially thankful for your attention to the details".
  • "The Robinson Group undertook a first floor renovation in my townhouse in 2008 that included a new, relocated kitchen, a re-designed dining room, powder room and new flooring and lighting throughout. I used their design and project management services, which together helped to make the renovation the most straightforward, time-saving and professional that I have ever done. The design direction for counter tops, lighting, front door and other elements was exceptional".
  • "The Robinson Group designed and completely renovated an entire floor of our house. We cannot imagine a company doing a better job. We had an terrific experience from first to last. The design work was excellent. The project began on time, and finished nearly on time, which in the renovation business is, in our view, an achievement. The project came in on budget. The workers were polite, knew what they were doing, and worked hard. The foreman was excellent, polite and approachable. The level of craftsmanship was very high".
  • "Everything was completed on time and on budget. We were impressed with the daily clean up of the site and the extra effort taken to protect our hardwood kitchen floors and areas near our kitchen from any damage. We were out-of town for a good portion of the renovation work. We trusted the team to carry out the work and to take necessary precautions to protect the security and safety of our home. Upon completion, we requested minor adjustments which were completed promptly. Recent visitors to our home have been very impressed with our new kitchen".
  • "One of the reasons we selected the Robinson Group was your full service contracting approach which meant that we did not have to take on any coordinating or project management work ourselves. Your vast experience, detailed knowledge, practical advice, and attention to detail were key factors in the success of our project. Led by you, and supported by our project manager on-site, our project went very smoothly. We were contacted and updated as required, but not inundated with calls. The Robinson team is talented, efficient, responsive, respectful, and also a really great group of people who we enjoyed working with!"
  • We were most impressed with The Robinson Group's vision and insight. They listened to our ideas, aspirations, dreams and requirements. The end product appears seamless, timeless, and compliments the existing architecture. Through their guidance, we were able to complete the renovations we wanted. They were open to suggestions and were willing to adjust plans based on our input, they accepted constructive criticism, were never autocratic, and were always aware of the budget that we had set from the onset. Their professionalism, unique architectural designs, and attention to detail were outstanding.
  • Thank you very much for a great renovation project. Our family has now been living in our house since the renovation ended in February, and is extremely happy. Since we began discussions with you regarding our renovation in late 2012, we have been very happy with the entire process involving the Robinson Group. Your thoroughness in the design stage ensured that everything from the get-go was done according to plan, and executed exactly within the timeline that was originally presented to us.
    Sherwood Park
  • From the initial consultation and planning, through the selection of materials and design elements right up to the final construction and installation, you and your team of craftsmen did a wonderful job of keeping us apprised of what was happening while remaining responsive to our desires and expectations. You were able to source and create the features we conceptualized, suggest creative ways to maximize useable space and seamlessly integrate our new design within the existing structure. All of this was delivered with an exacting attention to detail that makes our newly-renovated home not only a relaxing space to enjoy ourselves but also a wonderful place to entertain friends and family.